What can Aeneas Fiber do for you?

Aeneas Fiber is 100 times faster than today's basic broadband, allowing you to get what you want instantaneously. Imagine not having to wait on things buffering; everything will be ready to go when you are. So whether you are video chatting, uploading family videos, or playing your favorite online games, all you need to do is click and you're there. See below for more advantages that Aeneas Fiber will bring you.

Entertainment - Aeneas Fiber allows you to seamlessly experience web browsing, HD video streaming, and online gaming without worrying about your connection slowing down, even nights and weekends when everyone is online. So, go ahead and make that Skype call to your grand-kids or watch the HD streaming movie on Friday night... bandwidth will no longer be an issue.

Work-from-home - With an Aeneas fiber connection, telecommuting into work from home can be hassle-free. No more long waits to upload or download large files that take up your valuable time when you could be getting things done. Online training, video conferences and collaboration will be made easy with a robust connection that has minimal lag and plenty of bandwidth for your needs. Telecommuting is also a green choice! Saving the gas emissions from commuting to and from work is a smart choice for air quality.

Healthcare - Linking Tennesseans to world-class health care monitoring and access will make Tennessee an even safer and more wonderful place to live, work, and retire. Life-saving access to remote specialists via video-conferencing can facilitate greater care capabilities in emergencies when specialists cannot always be on site. High bandwidth connections can allow for the easy transmission of large data files, such as x rays, to remote specialists for review and remote monitoring will allow folks to stay at home longer and have medical professionals alerted to important changes in their health.

Education - With lightning fast Aeneas fiber Internet online instruction and training will be at any student's fingertips. Online instruction and research will be without buffering and long load times giving hassle-free access to remote colleges, online courses and training opportunities. High-speed fiber broadband also promotes the exchange of research and information between universities, extension campuses and community colleges across the globe.

Economic Development - High capacity broadband access facilitates the telecommunications services that are required for many economic development opportunities. Credit card and Internet-based e-commerce opportunities will not be held back by lagging Internet speeds. Engage in automated inventory and fulfillment systems to make the most impact out of the limited hours in the day and build your business by accessing web sales and online advertising opportunities.